Programs: Applying Entrepreneurship to the Arts

Applying Entrepreneurship to the Arts Creative Business Training

This program for creators is a  5-week bootcamp with Startup Tools 4 Artists to learn and launch a profitable idea based on your creative strengths.  Artists enrich the universe and must pay bills too!

Kicking it off ONLINE –  January 2024 – every Wednesday at 12 Noon Eastern Time, we’re in session! Are you ready to take off?

Topics include:

  • Your strengths
  • First product/service/experience to sell (what can I make with my skills?)
  • Customer survey (who might buy this?)
  • Goal setting, time management (actions to move forward?)
  • Emotional management & motivation

We’ll create a Creative Business Canvas – the mini-business plan/marketing plan on one page based on what the tech industry has been doing for years. We’ll establish metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to understand what to shoot for to check progress is being made, and get in the habit of talking with potential customers using a Survey, and use your natural abilities to create something to sell and market it. You don’t need to have anything but your artistic spirit, focus, the willingness to take ACTION and a computer.

Classes are online with real-time instruction (not pre-recorded videos) and yes, there’s FUN assignments between classes but most of what we do is tackled hands on in our sessions together.

Price is pay what you can, ranging from $250-150, no hidden fees.

The Applying Entrepreneurship to the Arts Creative Business Training is an online business development course for creatives, entertainers, performers, artists, lifestyle brands and influencers who are ready to plan, launch and grow their startup business for fun and profits. This program provides support and guidance along the way with live instruction.

Ready to apply? We need to have a short chat (like 10 minutes) – I’m Paula Landry, MBA and I’ve been teaching this and coaching creative people for decades now, and this is based on my book. Shoot me an email and let’s find out if this is a fit for launching your profitable and creative vision into the world!

If you’re here you have a vision.

To plan and launch your creative business requires vision – and both planning and action. Chances are that you have the abilities and tools you need right now to plan and startup your business. While you might not need special training, it’s helpful to have a framework to focus on and guidance.

This program will incorporate your talent with planning, experimentation and practical steps. Approaching your startup journey with frugality, a sense of play and urgency will help to get you going. While phases of your startup may overlap, they require separate actions and skills. Planning, building, testing all influence your outcomes, while your resources will impact what you offer or sell at different stages of your growth. Sharing your startup while listening to the feedback of your audience helps you stay on track with your venture and your marketing. Once you’re up and running, different skills and tools come into the picture.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s where we come in, sharing the processes, mindsets and strategies to launch and build your creative business – generated from the lean tech startup world, updated for the unique needs of artistic individuals. Every creative person is different, and this approach has the flexibility to be adapted for those who seek to work as an influencer, performer, artist, content creator or entertainer.

This program provides support combined with a specific strategy and action plan, offering you the startup tools you need to  launch and grow your creative vision into a business!


Number of participants: 5-10

Dates: Wednesdays in January, 2024

1/3, 1/10, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31

Time: Noon-1PM Eastern time

Class Style: Online via Zoom. Synchronous sessions with asynchronous assignments (plan on spending 2-4 hours a week on various activities outside of meetings depending)


  • Your strengths inventory (to get started quickly using what you’ve got)
  • Create a business canvas (1-page business/marketing plan to sketch out your concept)
  • Test market with survey to see if people what you’re planning to sell
  • Test and implement your minimum viable idea
  • Define the fastest way for you to generate revenue with your art

Instructor: Paula Landry


Synchronous video instruction online with hands-on application of topics discussed in real time. Combining notes, lectures & class discussions.


Registration is open, pay what you can for creatives:

  • $250-150 for individual creatives through 2024

Scholarships and payment plans are available for emerging, diverse and underserved creatives, as well as for individuals and non-profits. All graduates receive certificates and invitations into ongoing braintrust-mastermind groups and alumni meetups.


Contact us today for a short chat!

The motto here is Try, Learn, Improve, Earn. Check-ins, clear direction, tools, accountability and hands-on applications of the concepts, with time for questions and answer help keep us on track. Specific materials will be provided to help complete your work and see where you are in the process. We revel in creating momentum, building creative visions while generating profits!


Getting and Staying Creative
Making Money From Your Creativity
Revenue, Monetization & Sales
Understanding Your Costs & Expenses
Creative Wellness
How To Stop The Fear
Building Your Network
Planning & Self-Care
Lean Creative Startup Canvas
Goal Setting, Mission Statement, UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
Cultivating Fun & Focus
Defining Your Unique Value Principle
Building And Testing Your First Product, Experience Or Service To Sell
Creating an Offer
Audiences & Surveys
Your MVP – Minimum Viable Product (Or Service)
Time And Money Management
Crafting Your Business Model
Beta Testing
Branding & Marketing (Funnel)
KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
Launching, Managing &  Analyzing Your Startup
The Fun Habit Of Sales