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Charles Chessler is a professional photographer in New York City and a man of many talents. Embarking upon a photography career, he utilized strategic giving, by offering free images to his photography subjects, as a way to learn.

In New York, there are many actors, and they need updates on headshots regularly. Charlie began doing headshots for actors, using Facebook to share the best images (with permission) which attracted more attention and clients. This organic approach to marketing built word-of-mouth and an outstanding reputation. As his skills improved, he leveled up on equipment and began sharing his talents with organizations, often for free. Some of which went on to hire him.

He shared his talents with others by teaching, doing photo walks in Manhattan parks, as well as with organizations like B&H which sell photography equipment. Mr. Chessler is quick to recognize an opportunity to capture great images and build both skills and relationships.

A fan of musical artist Emily McDuff, he photographed her regularly at her shows, and that relationship grew in ways which expanded his knowledge and skills. Charles was invited to shoot images at one of Emily’s recording sessions with famous studio musicians in Nashville, a setting that is very intimate and private. It yielded wonderful pictures, while growing his skills and relationships.

Charles is passionate about photography and unabashed in his quest to improve, with a vulnerability and enthusiasm, which is contagious. He jumped at the opportunity to photograph a rhinoceros dehorning in South Africa. He is now leading photography safaris as a result, and sharing images of rhino dehorning that can save their species and doesn’t harm them. The combination of generosity and enthusiasm is enticing, no matter whether Charles offers his services shooting portraits or headshots, teaching, collaborating, or more. See his work and learn more at


Paula Landry

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