Startup Tools 4 Artists is a creator-led bootcamp for creators who want to make money, launching a profitable idea based on their creative strengths while making the world a better place.

Creatives need tools that tech startups have had for a long time in order to move quickly, experiment, and receive feedback.

Here are Startup Tools designed for all creatives, creators and artists to apply to their creative business. Here’s what we do –

  • Begin from strength

  • Focus time and energy in planning

  • Connect with customers

  • Launch an idea

  • Generate results

Try, learn, improve, earn!

Creators – filmmakers, actors, photographers, dancers, hairdressers, makeup artists, graphic designers, production designers, writers, movement and circus artists, holistic health practitioners, influencers – you are natural entrepreneurs… when trained in the relevant mindset and skillsets

Successful entrepreneurship includes a spirit of play and encourages positive self-communication. Here we come up with a plan that stems from our natural abilities, creativity and strengths (focus), do things (action), pay attention to what happens (analyze results and metrics), then shift a bit to improve (iterate and level up).

If you’re interested in this, please reach out and let’s chat about your launch!

Startup Tools 4 Artists works with performers, entertainers, artists, influencers and creatives driven to weave beauty and understanding into the lives of others and take ownership of the entrepreneurial process for themselves and at their jobs. With the tools, skills and infrastructure to plan, launch and nurture a venture, these fiercely independent and daring people can transform companies, their own finances, our economy and ultimately the universe. Self-care is key, to ease the overwhelm and self-doubt that often plagues creatives. Using tools from the tech-based startup world designed specifically for them, clients of StartupTools4Artists can fuse their creative and business goals.

Founder Paula Landry, MBA is an author who’s published four books, a working writer/filmmaker, consultant to businesses, professor in NYC to successful media makers worldwide for 15+ years. She has adapted tech startup tools with creative individuals, non-profit organizations,  companies large and small. With a combined background in film, television, writing, media marketing and classical music, Landry offers her eclectic expertise to every maker, builder, creator and artist – if only they will believe in themselves enough to launch! She works in film, television and media entrepreneurship. Her clients include brands, creatives and companies big and small. As a creator, her purpose is to reduce loneliness by connecting with people through stories & ideas, link artists with entrepreneurial tools, and clients with increased revenue and visibility. She is the author of Applying Entrepreneurship to the Arts, Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film: A Panic- Free Guide, 2nd ed. (Taylor & Francis) and co-author with Stephen Greenwald of The Business of Film, A Practical Guide, 3rd ed. (Taylor & Francis) and co-author with Marilyn Horowitz of Marketing Your Screenplay with New Media.

She generates movie budgets, business plans, financing strategies, for clients in filmmaking, commercials, and social media. Recent projects include comedic Irish crime thriller LAST PINT, the documentary WE WILL SHOCK YOU, about the rights and lives of autistic people, developing Warren Adler’s (War of the Roses) DEAD IN THE WATER for the screen; launching the Stage to Screen Script Contest seeking to develop projects for both theater and for the screen. Landry consults on corporate creativity, creating a creative entrepreneurship program for The Actors Fund entitled “Your Art As Business”, spearheads consulting for companies working in Artificial Intelligence; educational media curriculums and initiatives in movie and media education.

She serves as Vice President for the non-profit organization PANO Network amplifying gender-marginalized filmmakers; enjoys working as a creative coach, teaching entrepreneurship; mentoring writers and filmmakers; and seeks to learn all the time! As a producer and consultant, Ms. Landry creates budgets, schedules, business plans for media, and has conducted financial library valuations for film and television in association with G&H Media for clients such as the Truman Capote Estate, playwright Sir Peter Shaffer, Grey Eagle Fund, Cinema 7, and the Australian Government.

As a professor, Ms. Landry teaches media in NYC and to MBA graduate students at Wagner College, Metropolitan College of New York, also conducting seminars on media and entrepreneurship at Entertainment Community Fund (formerly the Actors Fund), NYWIFT, SVA, and worldwide at seminars in Cuba, Haifa, Paris, and London. Landry’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, creative entrepreneurs and non- profits, from Forbes, Deutsche Bank, Christie’s, Pearson Television, Entertainment Weekly, The Game Show Channel, Tribe Pictures, Fit TV to The Actors Fund, Smile Train, and individual media makers. Her films have debuted at Sundance, Chelsea Film Festival, Raindance NYC, CineVegas, winning awards from the Best Actors Film Fest, Austin Comedy, Columbia Pictures Screen Gems, Time Warner Showtime Audience Award, Raindance NYC, and WorldFest Houston Film Festival; her writing has won the Lugnut Award, 2nd Rounder at Austin Film Festival, and a semi-finalist at Made in NY Writer’s Room. Ms. Landry is a member of Disney’s Creative Talent Development & Inclusion program, Senior Producer for Raindance NYC and judge for the Burbank Film Festival.

Paula Landry – Leader, Coach, Artist, Weirdo